Patman and Robin Records 

Patman and Robin Records began in 2010.  The compilation CDs produced by Patman and Robin Records provide a variety of songs that all beach music fans will love and want to add to their collections. The compilation CDs are filled with songs by new artists as well as songs from award winning artists who have been in the business for years.  To purchase Patman and Robin Records CDs and other great music, visit the LargeTime Network's store

The sixth Patman and Robin Records compilation was released on April 10, 2018.  This one if in memory of our dear friend Dip Ferrell aka Billy Jeffords.


 “Tranquil Bay”



  1. I Can’t Quit You….Jimbo Durham of Shag Attack
  2. Lovely Lady….East Coast Rhythm and Blues Band
  3. Tranquil Bay….Dip Ferrell and The Truetones
  4. Mixed Emotions….Lesa Hudson
  5. They Want Me Too….Black Diamond
  6. Sneakin Suspicion….Rick Strickland
  7. Drinkin’ Problem….Dana Jones
  8. Lonely Girl…. The Truetones featuring Shana Blake
  9. It’s Too Late….The Shag Doctorz
  10. Some Girls Have It All….Sylvia Johns Ritchie
  11. I Struck It Rich….The Gold Standard Band
  12. Guess How Much I Love You…Carolina Coast Band
  13. Sunny Day….Feature Attraction Band
  14. Doo Wop Dynamo….Vance Kennedy and Barksdale Station
  15. Sweet Beach Music…. The Swingin’ Medallions
  16. I Wanna Dance….Reunion Band
  17. Bells Start Ringin’….Rev. Bubba D. Liverance and The Cornhole Prophets



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We're Building an Island
The fifth complication from Patman and Robin Records released in April 2015. 

16 great songs for your collection:

1. If I Could Build My Whole World Around You ...Steve Edmunds and Heather Hayes
2.  You're My Girl...Kingdaddy
3.  We're Building an Island...Dip Ferrell and The Truetones
4.  (I'm Going) Down for Your Love...The Shag Doctorz
5.  A Night Like This...Rev. Bubba and the Corn Hole Prophets
6.  We Might Pass This Way Again...Vance Kennedy and Barksdale Station
7.  Fall In Love With Me...Dip Ferrell and The Truetones
8.  A Long Time Ago...Rick Strickland
9.  The Biggest Mistake...Fantastic Shakers
10. Landlocked...Southern Drawl Band
11. Good Times...The Truetones featuring Shana Blake
12. Guilty As Sin...Deborah Hutchinson
13. Shagger Dan...Ken Wood
14. When My Wife Met My Girlfriend... Roger Taylor and Steve Craig
15. I Want To Be Your Guy...The Swingin' Medallions
16.  Girls Gotta Do (What A Girls Gotta Do)... Lesa Hudson

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I LIKE IT LIKE THAT, the fourth compilation CD from Patman and Robin Records, was released at the Spring SOS in April 2014. You   will definitely want to add this CD to your           collection.

1. Bouncin Back - Jimbo Durham of Shag Attack
2. Ring - Dip Ferrell and the Truetones featuring Shana Blake
3. I Like It Like That - Dip Ferrell and the Truetones
4. Tear It Up - Rick Strickland
5. Always Running Back To You - The Shag Doctorz
6. Bluesman Flash - Calabash Flash
7. Georgia On My Mind - Kingdaddy
8. I'll Remember - Rev. Bubba D Liverance and the Cornhole Prophets
9. I'm In Love With the Girl Next Door - Craig Woolard
10. Right Here at Home - Deacons of Swing
11. Shame on You - Lesa Hudson
12. Fire Burning In My Heart - The Shag Doctorz
13. Spanish Harlem - The Swingin' Medallions
14. Never Grow Old - Vance Kennedy and Backsdale Station
15. Shag Baby - The Coastal Cohorts (Jim Wann, Bland Simpson and Don Dixon)

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Bring the Beat In

Check out the LargeTime Store for the latest from Patman and Robin Records. Bring the Beat In, released in September 2012, is a compilation CD with 16 great songs. You will definitely want this one in your beach music collection!!

1. Love On Top - Rachel Tripp
2. Never - Gary Lowder
3. Somebody's Taken Your Place - Fantastic Shakers
4. Big Beach Party - Nantucket
5. Smooth Stepping Papa - The Night Move Band
6. Valerie - Shana Blake
7. Bad Situation - Dip Ferrell & The Truetones
8. If I Were You - Steve Craig & The Out of Towners Band
9. It's So Nice To Have Someone - Wanda Johnson
10. Undercover Freak - Alonzo Reid
11. One Love True Love - Fantastic Shakers
12. Good, Good Love - Shrimp City Slim
13. Should Have Called - LeeRoy
14. Farewell My Summer Love - Craig Michael and CWB
15. Gain Your Love - Tutu Jones
16. Sweet Potato Pie - Rev Bubba D. Liverance


Havin' a Large Time

Patman and Robin Records, compilation CD was released at SOS, September 2011. Havin' a Large Time consists of 15 songs: some new, some old, all GREAT! We appreciate the talented artists who joined us to make this compilation the BEST!

The title cut, Large Time, written and sung by The Swingin' Medallions, was written with the LARGE TIME we always have in mind. Thanks guys for the song!

The other artists on the CD that make this a special project are:
Shag Attack,
The Not Brothers Band,
Vance Kennedy,
The Shrimp Shack Band, 
The Truetones featuring Shana Blake,
Jeffords Brothers,
Don Dixon,
The Out of Towners,
Cravin Melon,
Flashbacks, and
Eddie Wayne Bailey and Friends.

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Something 'Bout the Music

The first CD compilation from
Patman and Robin Records titled,
Something 'Bout the Music, was released in September 2010.  The CD includes songs by Donnie Ray, Earl Gaines, Shag Attack,
Rickey and Ronnie Godfrey, Jeffords Brothers, Chocolate Thunder, The Out of Towners, Toni Spearman, Don Dixon, The Joe Pope Tams, Debra Hutchinson, The Swingin' Medallions, Rev Bubba D Liverance & The CHP, and Kesia Brown Band.
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